Breath & Bodywork with care

“90 minutes in Jessica’s hands… as if you’re 20 again.”
– Yann –

With The Essence of Presence, I create a tailor-made experience. I do this with personal attention and always in consultation with you.

I have a holistic approach, which focuses on restoring the natural balance of your body on all levels: physical, emotional, social, spiritual, as well as mental.

Massage, connected breathing and foot reflexology are wonderful holistic tools that enable you to regain awareness of your inner body space and fluidity. You become more in touch with your body and with yourself. Room is created for new energy that facilitates you to feel more free in your body and in your life.

How special is it that you have various instruments at your disposal with which you can influence your state of being in a very concrete way: built-in superpowers to hack your body, your psyche and your consciousness? Together, we will explore how you can tap into this inner power.