Breath & Bodywork with care

“90 minutes in Jessica’s hands… as if you’re 20 again.”
– Yann –

With The Essence of Presence, I create a tailor-made experience. I do this with personal attention and always in consultation with you.

I have a holistic approach, which focuses on restoring the natural balance of your body on all levels: physical, emotional, social, spiritual, as well as mental.

Massage, connected breathing and foot reflexology are wonderful holistic tools that enable you to regain awareness of your inner body space and fluidity. You become more in touch with your body and with yourself. Room is created for new energy that facilitates you to feel more free in your body and in your life.

How special is it that you have various instruments at your disposal with which you can influence your state of being in a very concrete way: built-in superpowers to hack your body, your psyche and your consciousness? Together, we will explore how you can tap into this inner power.

Jessica Felsenthal

Massage and the healing power of touch have fascinated me ever since I can remember, and I can probably credit my mother for leading me to this awareness. From a very young age, she had been giving my brother and me wonderful foot massages. Facilitating bodywork and breathing sessions also offers me the ultimate freedom: I can help people needing nothing but my hands, my voice, my presence.

What I love most is that the two most powerful necessities of life come together in my work: breathing and touch.


If you stop by our city, be sure to save a couple of hours to lay under Jessica’s hands.
Pure magic.

Jessica’s massage is a brilliant experience – totally individualized not just to each person, but to how that person is feeling on that specific day.

This is a full-immersion experience, complete with music, essential oils, and a cup of tea at the end. Jessica’s generosity is matched only by her expertise.

She knows the human body,
and you will be well-rewarded when you give her the chance to know yours.

Before I met Jessica, I had despaired of finding the excellent massage I enjoyed regularly in California. Her hands have healed my aching body,
and she is a truly pleasant person to be with. Jessica knows her stuff.

My wife and I are complete opposites, but both of us appreciate Jessica because
she tailors her massage to each of us.

Jessica is a true professional. From the first moment I sat down with her, she really took time to find out any ongoing issues I had, and what it was that I was looking for specifically in the session with her. It is definitely NOT one-size-fits-all. She always customises the massage according to my own requirements on that day, including whilst she’s working – she’ll adapt it to whatever comes up during the session.

Her sessions usually last around 1.5 hours because she clearly wants to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your time with her. She’s an expert at finding trigger points, sore spots, tension and will focus on those areas to really help reduce aches and pains. She uses essential oils to help penetrate deep into the muscles
and also to help you relax whilst you’re there with her.

My first breathwork session with Jessica was a profound, mind-blowing experience, like a trip! Whilst focusing on the conscious breathing I could feel my whole body buzzing. Jessica was a grounding presence, helping with keeping the rhythm of the breath, rocking and holding my body and using pressure points.

After about half an hour of the breathing technique I was allowed to lay still for a while longer and in this time my consciousness went straight to the Source and I felt connected to everyone and everything. A state of bliss with tears of joy.

I realise not every session might be this euphoric,
but I am already very curious as to what a next session will bring!

I’ve experienced an extremely relaxing and healing massage from Jessica.
Her engaged approach and sincere attention make the massage very personal. Jessica does not follow a preset programme but tunes in to what you need.

In my case, the result was that afterwards I was utterly relaxed,
could breathe very freely and my body felt light as a feather.

If you are looking for a special massage, aiming for more than just relaxation, then Jessica is the right person for you.

I had the most wonderful experience with Jessica and one of the most astounding massages ever. The technique that Jessica uses really helped relax my muscles
and my mind.

Thanks, Jessica I’ll definitely be back!