Did you wash behind your ears?

While you’re in the shower – singing, doing some personal grooming, or whatever it is that you’re doing – why not focus a bit more on your ears? You’ll probably want to clean them anyway, so this time just give them some extra TLC. The ear consists of about 200 acupuncture points, each corresponding to different body parts. This makes it possible to indirectly give yourself a QUICK AND EASY FULL BODY MASSAGE.

Gently but firmly massage the outer edges, the inner ridges, the earlobes (good for brain stimulation), then go explore towards the centre. Apply some pressure and make tiny rotations between thumb and index fingers – pinching and pulling. Search for special ‘ouch’ spots and stay there for a while.

One of the most beneficial points is what the Chinese call ‘Shen Men’ – The Gate of Heaven (see picture). Besides being a powerful anti-stress point, it will boost your energy flow. Massaging it will even make it easier to fight an addiction, such as smoking.

End your little self-massage by pulling your ears away from your face a few times.

Then pull them up and down and repeat. Rotate back and forth. Bend them forwards and open. Bend and open again. This will stimulate your kidneys and may also help you treat dark circles under your eyes. Just have fun with it. You can’t do anything wrong and the benefits are countless.

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